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The Buying Process

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Visit the Shed Superstore

Come into the lot and meet our team or check out our online Inventory. We have a to choose from and even more at the factory.

Shed Superstore-94.jpg


Choose a Shed/Design a Shed

Once you see the sheds styles and sizes, you can understand which fits your needs.


Tip: We always encourage you to buy what you're attracted to! You will always have more stuff to store but buying too small will lead to buyers regret if you need more space in 6 months.

Shed Superstore-99.jpg
Shed Superstore-92.jpg


Questions and Decision Time

Once you know what you're interested in, there are usually some questions that we would be glad to answer and help you. How do you want to purchase the shed? Will you rent it? Rent it and then buy it? Or buy it upfront?


Do Some Paperwork

Paperwork time! We promise it's a little. This process usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. We need to know where you want the shed and other similar details.

Shed Superstore-31.jpg


Enjoy Your Shed!

Watch your shed get delivered by some experts. Trust us, this is an excellent watch! Enjoy your shed!

Shed Superstore-52.jpg
Shed Superstore-57.jpg


Queued for Delivery

Once the shed is ready, the hauling company will call you 2-3 days from delivery to ensure it works for you. If it doesn’t work, there is no pressure. Suggest a better time; they will keep organizing it with you and your needs. Tip: Let the hauling company know any relevant information about delivery, such as if you provide pavers you would like them to put the shed on.

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