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Shed Styles


Side Lofted Barn

Side Lofted Barns are the same as Lofted Barns but with the elegance of windows. Ideal for both storage and attractive looks.


Lofted Barn

Lofted Barns are designed with storage and privacy in mind. The double door allows plenty of room for even the largest mower. The lofted space almost doubles the square footage you have for storage. Its ideal when the goal is two fold: storage in the lofted area and garden supplies on the floor.


Utility Shed

Utility is for straight storage and utility. It doesn't stick up to high (unless extra height is requested) but packs plenty of room to handle all your storage needs. Often used for mowers, bikes, or other large storage items.



These sheds come with porches to make them look elegant and classy. Perfect for pool houses, lake house cabins, hunter lodge, small office or the perfect she shed. Often customized with a double door in the back to operate as a garden shed as well for the lawn mower. Its simply the best of both worlds.


Garden Shed

Garden sheds are the farm styled sheds with the double doors and the extra large windows on one side together.



Garages are the serious storage solution. With a extra strong flooring, the garage style can handle some of the heaviest storage needs you can find. They can come lofted or standard depending on you additional storage needs.


Livestock Shelter

Livestock Shelters are designed around giving your animal the space it needs. A popular add on to the livestock shelter is to put a tack room on the side. This gives you extra storage using the same shed.

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