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Free Delivery and Limitations

Delivery is free within 50 miles of our dealership or the factory. Anything beyond that is subject to a $3 per mile fee if the shed is a 12' or less for the width. Anything wider then 12' is $5 a mile for delivery beyond the 50 miles.

Delivery time varies according to the time of the year but is normally within 21 business days for custom orders and 7 business days for on lot deliveries. 

We deliver using a company called Rollin K Transport and contact information for the transport company is included on each order form. Rollin K will contact you 3 days before the delivery date to ensure the scheduled time works for you. We do require that you are present or have someone who will represent you present to receive delivery of the shed.


We cannot deliver over fences or through yards that to not belong to the owner of the shed. Please consider removing fences if they would prevent the effective delivery.

Free delivery applies to the first attempt if Rollin K confirms the delivery time with a customer and the customer is not able to receive delivery the second trip out will incur a delivery charge. 

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